General Information

Model United Nations (MUN) is an educational simulation where students take on the role of a country's representative (known as a delegate) and debate on current global issues with other delegates. Students will be given real-world issues with the goal of reaching a solution together with other delegates during the conference, each debating from the perspective of their representing countries. Debates will be moderated by student officers, who are experienced MUN students selected by the RijnMUN Board of Directors.

MUN is for all students of any age between 14-18, any race, religion, gender, etc. As an educational model of the United Nations, participants can improve their public speaking skills, critical thinking, as well as honing their knowledge about international relations and real issues in the global community.

RijnMUN is a Model United Nations conference hosted by students of Het Rijnlands Lyceum Oegstgeest. It is a small conference aimed for high-school beginner delegates to familiarize themselves with the MUN rules of procedure and to get involved with the MUN community. RijnMUN follows the THIMUN rules of procedures, which can be found on the THIMUN website.

Please note that housing for delegates, staff, or any other visitors will not be provided by RijnMUN 2024.

Model United Nations discussion


  • All must abide by the THIMUN guidelines on top of the following RijnMUN specific guidelines below:
  • Delegates must respect all other staff and delegates associated with the conference;
  • Visitors will only be allowed into the conference with a badge, which will be distributed on the first day upon arrival;
  • All people associated with RijnMUN must treat the building and corresponding properties with respect and care. Anyone caught in violation of this rule will be held accountable by the RijnMUN Board of Directors, who will decide upon appropriate consequences;
  • Wear appropriate attire. Males shall wear a suit, tie, and formal footwear, while female delegates are expected to wear formal clothing, for example a blouse and appropriate length skirt.
Model United Nations, debate in session